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Discover America's most popular and fastest selling hair removal product for men - My Smooth Legs™

My Smooth Legs™ is not what our name suggests! It can be used to remove excessive hair on the male body – Not only on the legs, but My Smooth Legs™ also removes unwanted hair on the pelvis area, on the chest, on armpits and much more. It also removes excessive facial hair.

My Smooth Legs™ is a revolutionary way to remove unwanted hair and best of all; it exfoliates at the same time! My Smooth Legs™ Micro-Crystal Pads buff away unwanted hair and leaves your skin smooth and exfoliated.

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Gone are the days where being hairy is perceived as being sexy. Research had shown that 92% of the female respondents surveyed said they prefer their male partners to be less hairy and clean at the chest, pelvis areas and thighs. The most common reason sighted was hygiene. Therefore, now with My Smooth Legs™, you are able to look good, feel good and be able to have physical contact with your partner without having unwanted hair getting in the way.

A picture says a thousand words

I’m one hairy guy by nature, with excessive unwanted hair on my chest, legs, arms and pelvis area - which can be really embarrassing at times. This product works wonders! After using this product, my wife loves the look and feel of my body! I feel much better about myself and will definitely recommend My Smooth Legs™ to all the hairy guys out there.

Peter willmott, Perth, Australia

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No More Harsh Chemicals, Waxing, Electrolysis, Painful Plucking, Ripping Hair, Shaving, Costly Laser Treatments
Removes Unwanted Hair and Exfoliates
Fast, Easy, Use Anywhere
Safe, Soft and Painless
Hair Grows Back Slower and Finer with Each Use

We use My Smooth Legs™ Micro-Crystal Pads to buff away unwanted hair and exfoliate at the same time. Each My Smooth Legs™ Micro-Crystal Pad contains thousands of micro crystal particles that gently but effectively exfoliate the skin while removing hair at the same time. Fast and easy, with NO smelly & harmful chemicals, NO cuts, NO fuss and NO razor bumps! My Smooth Legs™ leaves your skin smooth and comfortable.
Use My Smooth Legs™ only in circular motions, with slight pressure. Do not press down. Going first in one circular direction then the other. Repeat until all the hairs have been removed.

  • 1 Large Backing Pad
  • 1 Small Backing Pad
  • 4 Large Micro-Crystal Replacement Pads
  • 4 Small Micro-Crystal Replacement Pads
  • 1 Travel Case
Amazing Results!

As a guy, I had always been too embarrassed to purchase a hair removal product. When I finally purchased My Smooth Legs™ online and tried it, the results were simply amazing! Just rub the pads gently on the skin in a few circular motions and all the hair is gone!

Miller James, Texas, USA

Easy & Painless

It was absolutely fast, easy and 100% painless. No plucking, waxing, pulling and best of all no razor bumps! I use My Smooth Legs™ at home with ease and the results are instant.

Stewart Burchell, Ontario, Canada

Hair Removal Is For Men Too!

The main purpose I use My Smooth Legs™ is to remove unwanted hair on my chest area for hygiene purposes. It often gets soaked in perspiration and leaves an odour after I work out or do sports. I must say that the results of using My Smooth Legs™ are simply incredible!

Russell Robertson, Perthshire, UK

My Wife Love The Results

I’ve always had a problem with thick bushy hair on my body which can be really annoying at times. I’ve tried many methods of hair removal but none are as effective like My Smooth Legs™. I feel embarrassed at times when my wife comments that I’m too hairy but I can tell that she is pleased with the results after I’ve used My Smooth Legs™

Kaymen Nathan, California , USA


My girlfriend and I are always on diving trips around the world. Therefore, we need to keep our body clean and hygienic as we often come into contact with sea water. The best way is to keep our body hairless. We've tried other methods of hair removal but it often leaves our skin sore for a couple of days. Traditional methods of hair removal also causes itch when we come into contact with sea water. My Smooth Legs™ is our new hair removal solution! It is easy to bring around and simple to use. Best of all, we look and feel great after using it! Thank you My Smooth Legs™

Kristen & James, Australia

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